This is the home page for Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir (or Christina Weir & Nunzio DeFilippis, depending on which is feeling like the alpha writer of the pair).

We are a married writing team who have written comics, films, television shows, manga & video games.

And while “weird” is not part of our website name, we’re well aware that people assume it is.  We think that’s kind of cool.

Welcome to!

On this page, you can find out a little more about us (on the aptly titled “About Us” page), our blog, and a list of our published or produced works (which, as this site continues to grow will not only list the works but link to detailed pages on each project with our thoughts on the process or the finished product or both).  There’s also a page which houses links to the many interviews and podcasts we’ve done about our work.

The title bar above will take you wherever you want to go.

The website is still a work in progress.  We hope you like it.